Course Offerings

Path of Music Pvt. Ltd. offers Diploma, Bachelor, Master Degree and Doctoral Level programmes in the following subjects:


  • Classical Vocal (Shashtriya Sangeet)
  • Light Classical (Sugam Sangeet)
  • Ravindra Sangeet
  • Ghazal
  • Bhajan Shabad
  • Folk Song


  • Synthesizer, Piano, Harmonium, Guitar
  • Drums, Tabla, Violin, Sitar
  • Flute, Santoor, Dholak, Congo


    • Indian Dance  Kathak, Bharatnatyam.
    • Folk Dance  Haryanvi, Rajasthani, Punjabi, Gujarati etc.
    • Western Dance Latin-Salsa, Free Style, Jazz, Hip-hop, Break, Locking – Popping, Bollywood & Tollywood, Balancing, B – boing, Contemporary, Belly, Tap, Ballet, Chacha – Chaa, across Jazz, Korean Puppet, Jive etc.

      Drawing:- Art & Craft

      • Still Live, Portrait, Collage Painting, Drawing, Painting
      • Cartoon Making, Clay Modeling, Glass Painting, Pencil Sketch
      • Water Colour, Pastel Colour, Oil Painting, Spray Painting
      • Thumb Painting, Tanjore Painting, Madhubani or Mithila Painting
      • Coffee Painting, Sculpture, Thread Painting, Pot or Diya Designing
      • Patterns Making, Warli Painting & Other Creativity things.

          Path of Music Pvt. Ltd. conducts examinations of the following UGC accredited Music Societies.


          1. Prayag Sangeet Samiti (Allahabad)
          Prayag Sangeet Samiti Allahabad is the Oldest board offering exams in Hindustani Music and Dance and Fine Arts in India and abroad (US, UK, Canada, Germany). The exams are conducted by the examiners appointed by the Samiti under strict regulations.

          2. Trinity College of London
          Trinity Guildhall offers a range of grade examinations for all instruments and voice as well as Drama & Speech across nine levels from Initial to Grade 8. These examinations assess performance and technical skills from beginner to accomplished performer.

          3. Rock School of London
          Rock school adds a new dimension to the graded examinations on offer from Trinity Guildhall by providing a route to qualifications for performers in pop and rock styles on guitar, bass, drums, piano and vocals. Rock school is the only exam board for popular music, accredited by Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA), in England.

          4. Royal College of London


          Diplomas and Degrees Offered

          Diplomas :
          Primary Level:
          Prarambhik – I
          Prarambhik II
          One Year
          One Year
          One Year
          Junior Level:
          Junior Diploma
          Bhushan I
          Two Years
          One Year
          Senior Level:
          Senior Diploma
          Bhushan  II
          Bhushan  III
          Two Years
          One Year
          One Year


          Degrees :
          Bachelor of Arts(Music):
          Two Years
          Two Years
          Master of Arts (Music):
          Two Years
          Two Years


          Doctorate Programs :
          Sangeet Acharya


          N.B. Except for Western Style, Diploma and Degrees are offered in all the above-mentioned streams.


          • Students are required to wear proper attire for dance classes.
          • Any loss or damage caused by the property/equipment/assets will be charged to the students concerned.
          • 2 Passport size photographs required for registration.
          • Rs 100 to be charged for the duplicate identification card.
          • Students must carry identity card for all classes.
          • No transport facility available for extra classes.
          • Rs 50 penalty to be borne by the payer in case of cheque dishonour.
          • The fee should be deposited from 1st to 10th of every month. Late fee charges Rs 25 per day.
          • Class tests will be conducted during 15th to 20th of every month.
          • Solo performances will be held for each of the students on every alternate month.
          • The registration fee will not be charged again at the time of rejoining only if we are pre-informed at the time of leaving the class.
          • Punctuality and regularity are to be maintained. In case you miss any class due to an emergency, it is advised that you drop a line of info by SMS. We will try our best to adjust it and bring the student at par with the group, but will not be able to commit. Would request not to make it a regular habit to request for class schedule adjustments.
          • In case of cancellation of classes from our side due to any kind of emergency, we either adjust the class to another date or adjust it in some way. Please do not ask for fee adjustment when you miss a class due to absenteeism.
          • In case of absenteeism for a month, a re-admission would be required.
          • In case of illness and contagious diseases, you are requested not to attend the class as the infection can spread to other students also.
          • For parents of young daughter’s – you are requested that the child is not dressed in tight and short skirts and frocks. Long skirts, lozenges, slacks, tracksuit pants, salwar kameez are what should be worn to the class.
          • Please ensure that the child wears clean socks in winters.
          • For beginners who are very young learners, I would advise that they should not be pressurized at home to practice. Children lose interest this way. This should grow gradually.
          • For beginners, who are above 8 years of age should practice swarsadhna at home regularly.

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